What We Do

Our ATS Model

Our firm is built around a proven, repeatable formula for driving and accelerating business transformation that we branded ATS, modernized for an increasingly complex competitive landscape where insight, relevance and speed make the difference.

Tenets: a carefully chosen set of operating principles that guide your transformation journey, choices and actions.

Process: a repeatable, high-velocity pathway that guides and facilitates your teams to design, deliver and sustain transformational outcomes and results that affect positive, meaningful change in your organization and the marketplace.

Playbook: a modular IP library of models and methods that we draw from to rapidly design and implement your transformation to deliver target outcomes.

Toolset: a deep collection of ready tools, templates, job and modules that underpin our Playbook that enable you to shorten the time it takes to see meaningful results.

Terms of Reference: a defined set of win-win agreements that define how you lead, govern and execute transformation, setting conditions required to achieve rapid, radical results.

Services We Offer

How we help you accelerate transformational results. We tailor our services specifically to meet defined client needs.

Business Transformation Services


Strategic initiative execution: solution design and delivery


Transformation strategy design, build, run


Transformation capability assessment and uplift


Strategy review, formulation, planning and deployment

Interim Leadership Services


Interim Chief Transformation, Strategy or Experience Officer


Interim program or critical initiative leader


Advisor to Business Leaders, Executive Sponsors, Strategic Initiative Leaders and Transformation Teams.

Specific Mission Execution (SME) Services


Executing a specific job-to-be-done to accomplish a target outcome and result where internal resources, skills or capacity may not be available

Business Transformation Learning Solutions


Developing client training and education curriculums


Providing standard and custom training IP


Providing instructor-led training services

Auxiliary Services

Level 1 also provides Professional Search and Recruiting (e.g. Service Designers) and Executive Search and Recruiting (e.g. CTO, CSO, CXO)

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