Case Study: Transform time-to-market capability, manufacturing operations and the supply chain to fuel significant enterprise growth
Pharmaceuticals – Value Chain Transformation - $5.8 Billion Biotech Company
April 1, 2020


Fuel 5x revenue growth over 3-year period by transforming the “make-to-market” value chain.

  • Accelerate new product speed-to-market
  • Improve production capacity utilization
  • Reduce processing lead time
  • Eliminate batch release backlog


“Transform to Accelerate and Sustain Growth”

  • Established performance targets to outperform competition; Selected processes to transform; Mobilized teams
  • Mapped current state processes; Designed future state processes, and created implementation plans
  • Executed plans to build-measure-learn through a series of iterative releases to achieve sales & performance targets


“Transformed value chain performance to fuel growth from $1Bn to $5Bn over a 3-year period ”

  • Facilitated 200% YOY compound revenue growth
  • Established industry benchmark for new product time-to-market
  • Increased manufacturing capacity utilization 35%
  • Achieved 30% reduction in end-to-end processing lead time

    Final Thoughts:

    Sustained results: Industrial Operations and Product Supply (IOPS) honored with Shingo Award in 2019 for continuous improvement and manufacturing excellence

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