Case Study: Digitally transforming hire-to-retire to improve the employee experience and uplift HR process capability
Banking – Reimagining the Employee Experience through Human Capital Services - $20+ Billion Banking Corporation
March 31, 2020


Implement a global cloud-based platform to reimagine the hire-to-retire employee experience for all users of the service.

  • Establish a single source of truth for all employee information and the capabilities to better manage and develop a future ready workforce
  • Drive material improvement in employee sentiment and engagement rating



“Use empathy and evidence to transform the employee experience”

  • Designed target state employee experience, value stream and HR policy based on Oracle HCM product features
  • Mobilized 100-person scaled Agile HR Digital Transformation team
  • Rapidly designed, engineered and delivered platform flows and features (UX/UI); Implemented new HR capabilit



“Exceeded industry high-performing norm for employee sentiment and engagement”

  • Dramatic improvements in HR process efficiency and capability, operational risk and user satisfaction ratings
  • 27% reduction in HR systems operating expense
  • Stable, scalable, high-performance technology architectur


Final Thoughts

Target state employee experience and integration of Oracle Cloud HCM platform completed in 9 months. Global roll-out to 45,000 employees within 12 months, releasing high-value user validated features every 3 months.

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