Case Study: Innovating new product development to generate 10x sales over already high performing baseline.
Managed Services – New Product Development Transformation - $500 million High-Growth Managed Services Firm and SaaS Provider
March 31, 2020


Creatively identify and solve for the highest leverage, most significant growth opportunities to quickly uplift revenue.

  • Demonstrate repeated success in leveraging client portfolio and marketing investment to rapidly grow sales through new product development
  • Scale approach to become on ongoing source of meaningful organic revenue growth to drive the Roadmap to $1B


“Hack the growth curve”

  • Conducted hack-a-thon to rapidly generate new commercial propositions
  • Reimagined go-to-market strategy
  • Implemented Innovation Hub to rapidly develop and launch new products using Lean Start-up and Design Sprints
  • Executed two rapid product development cycles and industrialized capability to establish Growth Platforms


“$40M revenue uplift in the first 12-months”

  • Pioneer new product campaigns delivered 12x annualized sales over baseline and grew overall firm annual revenue 4%
  • Subsequent pioneer growth platform sustained 10x performance rate that led to a record setting year for organic revenue growth

Final Thoughts

6-month pioneer initiative that delivered 4% firm revenue growth, delivering significant contribution to the growth to $1 billion of annual revenue in 3 years.

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