Case Study: Driving and accelerating business transformation to deliver sustainable breakthrough results.
Retail – Digital-first Enterprise Business Transformation - $12 Billion Omnichannel Retailer
March 31, 2020


”We suffer from a decade-long gap in execution, it’s time to close it and deliver the extraordinary” – Board Chairman

  • Deploy the capability that drives a step-change in the speed and impact of strategy execution
  • Leverage that capability to deliver sweeping changes across the global portfolio of businesses and support function to realize a $450m EBIT uplift



  • Re-formulated strategy and defined breakthrough goals and plans for digital-first enterprise transformation
  • Deployed ATS model in first 90-days based on a rapid, rigorous enterprise governance and execution assessment
  • Executed 10 strategic priorities to create a continuous flow of value through 12 quarterly execution cycles; Deployed pervasive CI framework to sustain gains


“$492M of EBIT growth over 3-year transformation program”

  • $650M run-rate operating expense reduction
  • Substantial revenue and flow-through gross margin improvements
  • Multiple industry performance benchmarks in Finance, Merchandising, B2B Sales, Retail Stores, and Supply Chain functions
  • $150M working capital improvement

Final Thoughts

Enterprise transformation set conditions for successful acquisition and integration of Fortune 500 peer, which delivered over $850m of synergy benefits over 3 years.

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